Monday, July 18, 2016

Welcome to my Cooling Center- Dorm room

 It's triple digit weather this summer and every wizard is looking for a place to cool off.  Come on in and welcome to Paige's Cooling Center.  There's robes on the rack so you can wash your clothes from all heat outside.  Then sit and enjoy a cool refreshing drink and set your feet up on the ice pads. Hey! There's even frozen foods to enjoy while you stay. Care for some ice cream?
 As for the 5 items needed  Tiki torch keeps the lights on and the Jerry can is refilling fuel. Dog biscuits makes for great ice cooling pads. Balloons show the center is open. Last  we have our clothesline that has all the robes for our Wizards to wear.


  1. Awesome! how's the judging so far?


    1. Hello Anna,
      Thank you. Judging is moving along. Lots of great dorms this year!

  2. Oh, sweet! It's awesome that you decorated your own dorm this year! (Great topic for the summer by the way. Been dying of heat lately.) Can't wait to see some other entries!



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