Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Alpha Cat Now World Wide!

That's right Alpha Cat is out world wide! On Android, iOS, Amazon.  Alpha Cat is a fun to play  matching game that battles space bad guys. You and your Alpha Cat go from planet to planet saving all your Whiskar friends. So many things to do daily from; feeding and upgrading your team, daily missions, collecting loot and prizes
 Home is where you start your adventure. Here you can go to the Loot Lab, Crew Lounge and Star Map.  Let me show you each area.
Crew Lounge,  this is where you maintain your Alpha Cat and crew. Leveling, feeding and enhancing each crew. Feeding , this is how you level your crew. Find the right type of food for extra points. Any unwanted common crew can be turned into stardust for enhancing the crew you want to keep. Below is a image that show stats of one of my crew.  I just won a epic attacker today so this one will be leaving me soon.

Daily missions , by completing these missions you can win gems and food for your crew. You can complete more than one set each day to win more. You will need fuel to complete these and you complete these by going to the star map and battling through each world. I found if I'm not high enough level to complete the continuing world, at the top of mission, I can go back to lower level worlds to complete these. Can I just say addicting ;) Off to save Whiskar! Meeeoowww!

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