Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pirate101 Test Realm-- 9/29/16

 Pirate101 test realm comes with The Rogue Armada Dreadnaught (Skull Island Fortress). This Dreadnaught is on the far side of Skull Island . I was lucky enough to find a group fighting there and only had to defeat one ship and the Dreanaught itself before I could enter the sigil.

Once I was in the area for battle you talk to Haywire. The battle is fun especially when you can get the Dragoons to battle themselves. ;) There's even a second hand chest with lots of furniture from; Krok, Grizzlehiem and Dragonspyre  for those Pirate decorators. I was able to grab 2 shooty weapons from the chest, one cannon and  a pestroleer shown in image below. Want to know more? Check out Pirate101 Test Realm Notes.


  1. What does the Buccaneer Haywire weapon look like? -Orlando


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