Monday, September 5, 2016

Strolling Through Memory Lane- Wizard101

It's Wizard101's eighth year and I thought I would celebrate it with a trip down memory lane. I'm talking way back in time to the very first things I did. First let me tell you about how I got into Wizard101. My Nephews and I were watching cartoons and we saw this commercial come on, granted this was in Dec, 2008. I asked them, hey did that look fun to you? So off we went to the computer.
We proceeded to create the very first Paige MoonShade. I had help ;) though I picked the name, after all I was going to have to see this name.  Paige  because I think it's pretty, Moon because I love the moonlight and Shade I don't like being in the sun. I wish I still has images of this , oh well I do have one from Feb 2009 at level 50. We all proceeded to create Wizards.
As time moved on many things happened in 2009; housing, mounts and so much more. 2009 was when I got my signature Bunny Staff I still carry to this day though it's been stitched a few times over.  It was also the year it was named Fear the BUNNY! One simple picture that took me about 20 minutes to take. Bunny staff hold up and it was over. My very first mount was a broom with a star on it. First house was the Royal Playhouse. First haunted house was the Marleybone Royal Estate. I actually won a prize from KingsIsle for this house.
Wizard101's first birthday came in with a big party in Ravenwood, KingsIsle came out to enjoy the party with us players. So as test realms come and go let's remember the fun we have had throughout the years of playing Wizard101 and be thankful for all those who work so hard to bring Wizard101 to us players. The biggest shout out should be to them because without them there would be no Wizard101. Here is to many more years to come.  Who knows what will come next. 

To see more images of the past years, check out my photo albums at Wizard101 Central. So many fun memories throughout the years. I wish I could post them all in one blog post. Hope you enjoyed my memories of Wizard101.



My Brother and I with Wailing Wanda 2009

Family Fun 2010

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