Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Faction Vendor Housing & New Apartments - Wizard101 Test Realm

Wizard101 test realm has some fun housing coming to the game. These are now in test realm and you're going to have to earn them! Each of these faction vendors sell an apartment , npcs, mount,  tapestries and gear. I'm going to talk about the housing.  You are going to need extra housing elixirs for each of these.

First off you have to complete a quest for each faction vendor then you have to earn a badge to buy the housing items. Badges are; Treasure Hunter Sell 100 Antiques (reagent) to Gullermel, Aggrobah Sheriff = defeat 100 Rival Gang members and last 2 are; Tabbi General Defeat 100 House Purrzian Assailant and Wurmslayer Defeat 100 Sand Wurmling (Larva).

Each of these apartments are Wizard101 dorm style. One room they hold 100 items. they also have a very unique way of leaving the room. Once you go out the front door you're in Aggrobah, Mirage. Below are pictures for each Apartment and where they come out on the streets of Aggrobah. You can also return to your apartment back through the door. FUN! 

There are also NPCs you can purchase for gold same as the apartments from each vendor! Apartments sell for 100k each NPCs vary in prices. Did I mention how animated these NPCs are? They move , open eyes, move their weapons, act like cats and one even belly dances! Big Thank you to Iridian Willowgem for helping me with badges.
Dromel Dwelling
Hoods Hideout

House of Tabbi

Npcs Bought from faction Vendors

 There's even an Arcanium Dorm ! I didn't acquire this in test though Kelsey let me take images of hers. This dorm has 2 levels and holds 100 items. Don't forget you need an extra housing elixir for this. This makes 4! new houses for Mirage. WOW!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Castle Magic- Wizard101 Test Realm

 Let's talk a little bit about Castle Magic. Castle Magic is in test realm and it's going to make housing more alive and interactive. Imagine having to learn a puzzle to get past a wall, cool huh? How about making things bigger, float or even disappear? You can even cast spells!
Some castle magic is very simple by turning off and on levers, stepping on a pressure plate or turning on a braziers to different colors. When you add reflectors and computers you can do even more. Check out the videos below Alexander Lionheart made. This is going to make housing tours so much more interesting and interactive!

Videos By Alexander LionHeart

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mirage - Coming Soon

A new teaser was sent out via social media. Look at the grand design of this room! It looks like something I really want to explore, see why the table is the way it is. It reminds me of an grand fashion tea house.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Celestial Carpet Mount Promotion- Wizard11

With the upcoming release of Mirage Wizard101 is running a promotion mount giveaway. The Permanent  Celestial Carpet Mount can be yours!

How do you qualify to get the Celestial Carpet?
If you have an active Wizard101 Membership on November 29th, 2016 @ 11:59PM CT
If you buy Crowns between November 1st, 2016 and November 29th, 2016 @ 11:59PM CT
How and when do I get my Celestial Carpet?
You will receive the Celestial Carpet Mount in your Wizard101 Gift window

Expect your mount to fly to your Wizard in early December

To learn more, Check out Celestial Carpet Mount for more information .