Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Faction Vendor Housing & New Apartments - Wizard101 Test Realm

Wizard101 test realm has some fun housing coming to the game. These are now in test realm and you're going to have to earn them! Each of these faction vendors sell an apartment , npcs, mount,  tapestries and gear. I'm going to talk about the housing.  You are going to need extra housing elixirs for each of these.

First off you have to complete a quest for each faction vendor then you have to earn a badge to buy the housing items. Badges are; Treasure Hunter Sell 100 Antiques (reagent) to Gullermel, Aggrobah Sheriff = defeat 100 Rival Gang members and last 2 are; Tabbi General Defeat 100 House Purrzian Assailant and Wurmslayer Defeat 100 Sand Wurmling (Larva).

Each of these apartments are Wizard101 dorm style. One room they hold 100 items. they also have a very unique way of leaving the room. Once you go out the front door you're in Aggrobah, Mirage. Below are pictures for each Apartment and where they come out on the streets of Aggrobah. You can also return to your apartment back through the door. FUN! 

There are also NPCs you can purchase for gold same as the apartments from each vendor! Apartments sell for 100k each NPCs vary in prices. Did I mention how animated these NPCs are? They move , open eyes, move their weapons, act like cats and one even belly dances! Big Thank you to Iridian Willowgem for helping me with badges.
Dromel Dwelling
Hoods Hideout

House of Tabbi

Npcs Bought from faction Vendors

 There's even an Arcanium Dorm ! I didn't acquire this in test though Kelsey let me take images of hers. This dorm has 2 levels and holds 100 items. Don't forget you need an extra housing elixir for this. This makes 4! new houses for Mirage. WOW!


  1. Where do you buy the Arcanum one? Alyssa RavenCatcher

    1. You will receive this apartment you have to finish the quest Arcanum Understudy and that is around level 118 in Mirage. This apartment is free

    2. and you will receive a free extra housing elixir with this apartment

  2. Nice post :)

    I have a question.
    Is each and every new apartment located in Aggrobah?

    If I buy the Tabbi Apartmen, will I appear in Caterwaul Canyon?


    1. Please make sure you add your wizard name to your questions.
      All apartments from Mirage come out in Aggrobah.

  3. Can the Arcanum Apartment be sold so an additional housing space is available?

    1. I'm not sure? Never tried Since it was given like the dorm room it might not be able to?

  4. Thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Awesome.


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