Monday, December 26, 2016

Mirage Cats part 3 - Wizard101

Chronomancer Heeth
Chronomancer Heeth, So very pretty , just don't waste her time. Waste not, want not.
Vice-Chair Freeder
 Vice-Chair Freeder and Chairman Meow - It's not politics, it's personnel or is it Jealousy?
Chairman Meow

Legate Shirazi

Legate Shirazi - wow, am I really that boring? Talk about a catatude.
Prefect Josapat
 Prefect Josapat -  Has a house for me, enough said
Tyrehl - Learns a terrible truth. Talk about a plot twist!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mirage Cats part 2 -Wizard101

 Abbas is s painter of sorts , he was commissioned by Burdie to make him some art. Burdie loved his company so much Abbas will never be complete his works for him. 
 Teddy  Little Miss Sassy. She's the sassiest cat of them all. She puts a little heat with her sass.
Baron not a nice kitty at all. I feel sorry for all his little Qats. He does have a doctor because he claims to be sick. Doctor Yooh the baron's doctor, wait... The baron needs a doctor?

Doctor Yooh

 Babok Qhatnip , enough said. Farzin is Bobak's little brother. Just like a little brother, doesn't care if your in trouble. He's to busy Skulking.

Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Days of the Spiral - Wizard101

 12 days of the Spiral starts with a new key boss.  Krumpus! When you first walk in this area its beautiful and quickly turns to cold and solemn. There's 4 locations you can find this dungeon in; Ravenwood, Colossus Boulevard, Celestia and Polaris.  
Took a few screenshots of the gold key battle , a really mean looking gingerbread man and of the cool staff you can win from Krumpus! I cannot wait to see what else will be added to the 12 days of the spiral.

Snowboards!! For only 4k each you can have the Blue Wizard101 board ( I bought this one) or the candycane board.

Day 3

12 days of the Spiral - Pirate101

Twelve days of the Spiral is back and day one brings us the Yuletide Pony Watch this post to see what the 12 days bring to Pirate101!  To get your free permanent  pony check out 12 Days of the Spiral 
 Day 2

New holiday pets!! Check out these; Ghost of Yuletide Present, Festive Yeti and Yuletide Ibis

Day 3
Free Holiday Gifts!

Day 4
Tree topper contest!

Day 5
50% OFF Online Bundles

Day 6
New Holiday Mounts! Festive Crystal Unicorn, Holiday Crystal Unicorn, Yuletide Ki-rin

Day 7
Yuletide Updates. Looking Festive!

Day 8
Super crowns sale!

Day 9
Free Ashes of the Armada Pack

Day 10
Mystery Discount Coupon!

Day 11
Epic Festive Items Giveaway!

Day 12
50% OFF Select Packs! One Day Only!

Last day
Free Crowns for your Pirate!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Twitter Contest! Wiz101 Additional Castle Elixir

This contest has ended.

Take a screenshot showing that you need an Additional Castle Elixir (example above) Tweet it to @PaigeMoonShade Include the hashtag #PaigeExtraHousing  to be entered into a random draw.
15 Lucky Winners
One drawing per day for 15 days
Each drawing will happen before 4 pm central daily, starting today.

1.  Tweet an image to me showing you need at least one elixir to get the Mirage Apartments. 
2.  You may only win one. That give 15 winners!
3.  Hashtag must be used.
4.  Contest ends December 21, 2016 If you have the 3 free spaces still open. To get all Mirage apartments you need 6 spaces. So you need an elixir. Anyone needing 6 spaces can enter.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mirage Cats Part One - Wizard101

I've talked about Faction Vendors , Mirage Apartments,  Npc's for your houses and Castle Magic. Now I want to talk about Mirage and the interesting and the cats!!! That's right if you don't know me you will now. I love cats. Oh yeah the world has camels too, even has Mr and Ms Packman ,Genies, Snakes and Foxes, though I love all the different types of cats. I wonder if this is where the Windspar sisters are from? Makes you think , right? 
 Burdie is the very first cat you meet. He sends you on your journey into Mirage. If you get a chance just stand and watch each of the Npcs and I hope they will make you giggle like they do me. I swear Burdie coughed up something. ;) Is Burdie related to Catbeard from Pirate101?
Yayha Dunestrider we meet in Aggrobah, he is a sly little cat that promises us a nice property that really dose not stand up to my expectations of a Wizard101 house.  Even  the Mirage apartments stand up better than this property.
Pol Atraydies, what can I say about Paul, oh I mean Pol. Yes I meant to call him Paul. ;) If your a Dune fan you know who i'm talking about. Just look at those eyes! I have seen so many Dune Easter eggs in Mirage.
Baronesse Hairkonnen takes care of Qkittens in the nursery. Shes so sad because they're sent into exile. Those Qkittens seem so active. No wonder she is yawning in my image. Well this is as far as I have gotten for part one. I can't wait to see what other new cats I meet in Mirage.