Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mirage Cats part 2 -Wizard101

 Abbas is s painter of sorts , he was commissioned by Burdie to make him some art. Burdie loved his company so much Abbas will never be complete his works for him. 
 Teddy  Little Miss Sassy. She's the sassiest cat of them all. She puts a little heat with her sass.
Baron not a nice kitty at all. I feel sorry for all his little Qats. He does have a doctor because he claims to be sick. Doctor Yooh the baron's doctor, wait... The baron needs a doctor?

Doctor Yooh

 Babok Qhatnip , enough said. Farzin is Bobak's little brother. Just like a little brother, doesn't care if your in trouble. He's to busy Skulking.

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