Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Twitter Contest! Wiz101 Additional Castle Elixir

This contest has ended.

Take a screenshot showing that you need an Additional Castle Elixir (example above) Tweet it to @PaigeMoonShade Include the hashtag #PaigeExtraHousing  to be entered into a random draw.
15 Lucky Winners
One drawing per day for 15 days
Each drawing will happen before 4 pm central daily, starting today.

1.  Tweet an image to me showing you need at least one elixir to get the Mirage Apartments. 
2.  You may only win one. That give 15 winners!
3.  Hashtag must be used.
4.  Contest ends December 21, 2016 If you have the 3 free spaces still open. To get all Mirage apartments you need 6 spaces. So you need an elixir. Anyone needing 6 spaces can enter.


  1. good heavens! You have 49 homes? I actually made a home (the one from Grizzleheim); it took a month or more but well worth it!

    1. 50 now, once I receive my Acraum dorm Ill have 51. This is every house in Wizard101. Grizzlehiem house is a great house. :)


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