Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Friendship Cards - Pirate101 Winners

Congratulations Pirate101 Winners

1-1st Place Winner 
10000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Leopard (W101) + Bunny Hug(P101)
Charlotte Webb

The most important part of playing Pirate101 is the pleasurable time I'm able to spend with my friends playing together. Here we see Eccentric Elijah EverHart and Charlotte Webb, myself, sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other on the beauty of Captain Steed's Villa in Valencia. This screen shot is just one such example of how playing together has help build several special friendships and a lifetime of delightful memories.

1-2nd Place Winner
Dishonest Casper Jenkins
5000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Ladybug (W101) + Huggle Hoggle (P101)

During the 12 days of the spiral everyone got a mount for free and we decided to all go online.  Not everyone knew each other but they played together like friends for the day. I think this is special because it shows that everyone can be friends with anyone if they just try. Also I included a quote which I felt was really important listed below.  

3-3rd Place Winners
1000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Cupig (W101) + Friendship Grouper (P101)
Earnest Fred Ingham

My screenshot shows me with Careless Sarah Strong. We have been questing buddies since Skull Island and are currently terrifying the monkeys in Monquista together. She is a good friend and very helpful in nature. She is higher level than me but never boasts about it. I am lucky to be her friend.

Charming Arthur Burton

I have not reached much beyond Skull Island due to the areas being costly than Wizard101. However, I have had a lot of fun hanging around in Avery's court with other pirates having fun, chatting and making friends. A very happy Valentine day to you and all my pirate friends in Avery's court.


my picture is taken inside pet morph tent. I am fond of various new pets and spend a lot of time in pirate101 in pet morphing. I am happy with the new valentine pet and hope pirate101 gets an update soon. Happy valentine day to you and your friends.

1000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Cupig (W101) + Friendship Grouper (P101)

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  1. Fantastic job everyone and congratulations to all the winners. :D


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