Sunday, March 26, 2017

Test Realm Spring 2017 - Wizard101

Spring test realm bring us many new things. First up we have  Monstrology and the Monstrodome.  Monstrology , the study of monsters let's you gain Animus which you can use to create minion cards. You can use these minions or create battles of your own inside the Monstrodome. The Monstrodome can be crafted or bought in the crowned shop for 2500 crowns. There is also a  Triple Animus Elixir to help you gain animus faster.

 Level 118 Wizard can now receive a new pet!
 Jewel Vault!!! That's right Wizards we have been asking and KingsIlse has come through. You can hold 100 jewels in the jewel vault. You can purchase this vault in the crowned shop for 1995 crowns or craft the vault.

New Aquila Fish!
Achilles Tang
Bacchus Cuda
Spartan Spear
New castle magic spells and camera angles??? What??! You can show wizards pretty views and hints to where they need to go with in your house. How about giving them a earthquake?

I will post more as test realm continues to find out when test realm is online here is the schedule.
ONLINE: 3/22 PM to 3/24 PM
OFFLINE: 3/24 PM to 3/27 AM
ONLINE: 3/27 AM to 3/31 PM
OFFLINE: 3/31 PM to 4/3 AM
ONLINE: 4/3 AM to 4/7 PM
OFFLINE: 4/7 PM to 4/10 AM
ONLINE: 4/10 AM to TBD

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