Thursday, May 11, 2017

EverClicker Launched Worldwide!

EverClicker is now world wide! Battle enemies and climb the leader board. You can help your friends with Time Gates for gems or have them help you! Defeat Devourers and claim your stars.

 Level up your feasting hall to help power up your heroes. You also do hero quests and upgrade each hero's weapon. For myself this is the fun part of the game , well besides taunting people on the leader board. Isn't that right Tom. ;)
Besides upgrading your hero you can summon  spirits, these spirits are very helpful! I've shown a few in the image. There are spirit to power your hero and to even start new stages with gold in hand. Oh I should tell you keep all upgrades done to your heroes.
Some of my favorite heroes are: Tina, Deep Sea, Dr Healer, and Hannah. What's your favorite hero?

EverClicker is a fun clicker game with many things to do. You can even earn some crowns for trying the game and collecting up to 4 stars.  Check out EverClicker to find out more! See you on the leader boards!

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 If you have any troubles in the game, remember this piece of advice from our Support Page

“The fastest way to get help with EverClicker is to open a ticket in the mobile app. Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open another ticket. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears.
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding game or account matters, please send an email to:”

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