Thursday, May 4, 2017

KingsIsle Games on Steam

KingsIsle has always been to make the highest quality games for all to enjoy. In keeping with that goal, we have submitted our new mobile game, EverClicker, to Steam Greenlight. By doing so, we hope to find an even wider audience to experience the passion and dedication the KingsIsle team has put into our games. Learn more at 

How can you help?
Valve selects games to be Greenlit based on community interest. You can help us by showing your interest and encouraging others to do the same!

Go to the Steam Greenlight page.
Login or create an account.
Navigate to our EverClicker Greenlight page.
Vote Yes! to support the title


Leave KingsIsle comments on the Greenlight page

You will need to have 5.00 on your steam account.  For more read Swordroll's Pros and Cons.  Maybe KingsIsle will be able to get Pirate101 on Steam.

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