Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Something is Coming!! July 7, 2017

That's right Wizards! 
Best Little Dorm in Wizard City 8! is coming July 7, 2017

Here are some links to help with decorating. I have posted these over the years. Plus the new ones for June 2017. 

See everyone July 7th! 
That's when the theme and items will be known.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Test Realm June 2017- Wizard101

Avalon Fishing 13 New Fish!
Start by talking to Luck Hookline in Wizard City Commons. Swordroll has a great guide on the fish and where to find them!


Gobblers, Pigs and Treants These can be found in Colossus Boulevard, Grizzlehiem and Wysteria. Look for Monstrologist Burke in these new areas.

Chat Improvements!
Menu chat sayings

Chat Channels Check out Wizard101 Test Realm Notes

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sinking Large Items in Dorm Walls

 To sink large items into your dorm room wall you will need, Two tatami floor mats and one large item. Take your two mats and place them end to end.

 Now put your item on top of mat closest to the item.  Now move using the mat closest to you. Don't fully pick up mat, this will cause you to pick up entire piece. Move the item into the wall.

 Now click on the mat furthest away from item and rotate it and move both mats. You should now have your large item sunk into the wall. This helps when you need to cover windows, banks or just need to add a larger item. Until next time Happy House Decorating.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ye Pirates Can Decorate Too- Pirates101

Since it's decorating month here at Paige's Page let's write a post for decorating in Pirate101. Did you know tatami mats and boards work the same way in both games? Did you know you can blend melt and create in Pirate101? I'm here to show you that you can!

So Let's take two tatami mats and put a fan on our outhouse. Using the same method as Wizard101 were going to place this windmill inside the outhouse to create an entire new piece. Now add some decor (details) flowers, lighting and a terrace to complete the piece. Oh and yes blades on the windmill still spin.

Now let's play with the board and mat technique again same as Wizard101, place your board and twirl your mat over the board. Let's head over to that tent. Now we can place things in the mesh of this tent, why not a windmill? Yup we did it! I'm going to take a stroll over to the edge of this house just to look around. 

Yes! Pirates can create some fantastic hideouts in Pirate101. What will ye create? Happy Hideout Decorating.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dorm Decorating Without Glitching

Remember the "Themed Decorating" post? I did a walk in the park (shown above).  Now let me show you how to create the same type of dorm without any glitching.
Okay so we still need to remove those windows. I found castle blocks work great for this.  Now remember we're not glitching anything. I found the evergreen trees work without glitching, there are also three sizes of these trees.
Once you have your windows hidden begin on the details. I always say "Details can make-or-break a creation".   Different size trees, flowers, and walk path are added to give that walk in the park feeling. I added just enough details to give the park feeling and only used 21 items, imagine if I used all 50 spaces? 

Dorm decorating can be simple to the very complex just by adding layers of details. You can use Monstrology house guests, pets and castle magic to bring your dorm to life. Remember details, details details.  Every little detail you add brings your dorm to the next stage of decorating. Happy House Decorating.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Dorm Decorating with Castle Magic

Castle magic brings decorating to life.  I'm going to show you three easy to use types. I'm going to buy from Babbage Basset in Marleybone and Magic button, lever and jump detector. I'll also buy a grow spell, go up and down 100 and a wraith spell for todays post.

 Let's start with the magic button. Place the button down and click on it. Now add your grow spell, I'm using grow 25%, click on target item and the pumpkin, you're all set, close interface and jump.

Tada big pumpkin

 Now, This one is kinda of fun. Let's make an elevator. Place  your board and large rug on floor, then place the magic lever on it.  Now click on the lever, add your moves up spell and set target. You will need to set the move down on the lever off. Close everything and click x at lever and watch the elevator.

Going up?

 Okay, now let's discuss my favorite magic detector. I really like these Jump Magic Detector.  These are so simple to use plus they disappear when you close decorating interface. 
 Click on the magic jump detector and set your spell. I'm using the wraith attack because my target item will be a pet wraith.  Once set you will the arrows moving to your target when you click on the jump detector. Close everything and jump! My pet wraith just attacked. ;) Hope this helps with some simple castle magic. 
There is so much that can be done with castle magic.  Never stop trying and testing. There are so many things you can create with  Castle Magic. Happy House Decorating.


Friday, June 2, 2017

Themed Decorating- Wizard101

Hello Wizards, as June is decorating month here at Paige's Page I want to start off with themed decorating. Themed decorating is a basic set up to fit a theme you are working towards, much like the best little dorm contest  there's always a theme. 

My favorite has always been my tea house (above) although I keep adding to it when I see something that would fit. The basics stay the same.  I also make a dorm for each year contest (below) are the Ice box and Chicken shop.  I'll show you two dorms I made for today.

First up we have the Marleybone Jail I always start off with the biggest item I will need. This time it's the broken jail cell . I wanted to make room for other things  so I sunk the jail cell over the door, this also works for you to go in and out to your dorm.  Ha ha you land it the jail.

Now we need a few items to give that Marleybone feel. I used some wall hangings metal light and police hats. All that is left is the wallpaper and flooring, both metal based to fit the theme.

 Next dorm is a Walk in the Park.  Okay now remember you don't have windows outside so this time I needed to remove those windows, giant rocks for that.  I added some trees flowers, park bench and a path to walk on. Last up some grassy flooring and outdoor looking wallpaper. Enjoy your walk and Happy House Decorating.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle- Wizard101

Let's start decorating month off with a new bundle from Wizard101 at Gamestop. Avalon Outlaw's Bundle comes with the Outlaw's Refuge, Vulpine Avenger Mount, Fairy Fly Pet, Dashing Outlaw Gear with Ranger's Marksman Bow and 5000 crowns for only 39 dollars. 
 The landscape is massive and the house is so grand. You can live like Robin Hood in the trees. Did I say Outlaw? Just look at this gear! Any Wizard can become Robin Hood saving the spiral on your trusted Vulpine.

 The tree house has so much detail like this room with a spiral staircase! I mean an SPIRAL STAIRCASE! I have always wanted. There are even areas where you have balconies that look over the entire house. Hidden passages, fishing and there's a catapult? FIRE.  Don't forget to look at the view of Avalon Castle. 

Don't forget to look for tomorrow's first decorating post. until then, Happy House Decorating.