Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dorm Decorating Without Glitching

Remember the "Themed Decorating" post? I did a walk in the park (shown above).  Now let me show you how to create the same type of dorm without any glitching.
Okay so we still need to remove those windows. I found castle blocks work great for this.  Now remember we're not glitching anything. I found the evergreen trees work without glitching, there are also three sizes of these trees.
Once you have your windows hidden begin on the details. I always say "Details can make-or-break a creation".   Different size trees, flowers, and walk path are added to give that walk in the park feeling. I added just enough details to give the park feeling and only used 21 items, imagine if I used all 50 spaces? 

Dorm decorating can be simple to the very complex just by adding layers of details. You can use Monstrology house guests, pets and castle magic to bring your dorm to life. Remember details, details details.  Every little detail you add brings your dorm to the next stage of decorating. Happy House Decorating.

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