Friday, September 1, 2017

Let's be Crafty- Wizard101 Ninth Birthday Contest

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This contest has ended winners will be posted HERE.
Wizard101 9th Birthday

How to Enter:

* Create a 3D Crafted art piece for Wizard101 9th Birthday Celebration.
* This contest begins September 1, 2017 and ends September 24, 2017 at 4 pm Central time. 
* Create crafted 9th birthday celebration piece using any format you like.  It can be comprised using material such as: food, paper mache, clay, rocks, sticks, paper, or other materials as long as it is raised off the work space. Your choice! So many types of things to choose from. It just needs to be a raised  3D piece.
* Sign the crafted piece with your in game wizard name such as (Paige Moonshade) and current date on your crafted piece. (Any entry  without your  game name and date will be disqualified!)
*Send 3 images. ( I posted all 3 of my images)
1. Image 1 should be of the items used before crafting your piece.
2. Image 2 should be of the crafted piece while building it.
3. Image 3 is of the finished crafted piece with game name and date on it.
* Send your entry to to with title "Wizard101 Birthday."
* Make sure everything is correct before sending in entry.
* Images must be sent via attachment. Links will not be excepted
* Children under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

18 Winners!

One Grand Prize
50,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack
1 Random Beckett Wand
1 Random Mount

Two First Place Prizes
25,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack
1 Random Beckett Wand
1 Random Mount

Five Second Place Prizes
9,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack or 1 Beckett Wand

10 Third Place Prizes
2,500 Crowns


Image 2


  1. So if I take a picture of the elements of my craft and then I decide to add something later on, could I add that item to my picture #1 collage style? Everything would be in 1 square though.

    1. Yes as long as no completely , not using any of those items. You could always take another picture of new items. I would except that.

    2. We all have to be real creative ❤ I really want to see how everyone does

  2. Does it have to be a physical 3D sculpture like the W101 Central contest, or can it be a digital 3D Model?

    1. Are you asking about 3D printers? If on paper
      Has to be a crafted piece. As in raised off work space not flat paper. One reason I gave an example.

    2. If on paper has to be your own creation and I will allow cutting out images to raise them up.

    3. Not about a 3D printer, but a 3D model like something you would make with sketchup, blender, Maya, Scupltris, ZBrush, etc.

    4. So like a digital drawing. It would have to be raised off the paper somehow. Not just a 3D drawing

  3. Alura Nightcrafter (gwenw18)September 23, 2017 at 9:01 AM

    How will the winners be announced?


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Thank you.
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