Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let's be Crafty- Wizard101 Ninth Birthday -Winners

So many amazing crafted birthday projects made this so hard to judge.  

Happy 9th Birthday Wizard101
Congratulations Winners!!!
Valid entries only

One Grand Prize
Iridian Willowglen

50,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack
1 Random Beckett Wand
1 Random Mount

Two First Place Prizes
Keena  NightHunter

 Madison DeathSword

25,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack
1 Random Beckett Wand
1 Random Mount

Five Second Place Prizes
Donna MoonRiver

Tara Spritebreeze

Alura Nightcrafter

Tarlac Silvereyes

 Amber Roseflower
9,000 Crowns
1 Random Card Pack or 1 Beckett Wand

10 Third Place Prizes

 Roslyn Ravensong

Keira Breeze

 Scarlet Summer


 Kevin Thunderthief

Shelby lifemender


Miranda Dragonshard

Shelby Unicornheart
2,500 Crowns

Honorable Mention
Alia WildTamer


  1. Thank you for the contest and awesome prizes! It was fun entering! :)

  2. Thx for the best mmorpg game ever keep up the good work your animal RPG game is the best nobody make games like this anymore thanks for making this game keep on updating


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