Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pirate101 Test Realm - Sept 2017

Pirate101 opened test this week and with that comes Practice Ship PvP . It's fun to take on your friends ships.  Plus there are badges for both sinking ships and being sunk.

Talk to Avery to join the diplomacy quests, earn the badge to open a new vendor.  Can you say Here kitty kitty? Drop by the party barge to see what can happen every 24 hours  or just to see who's there! 
There's a new team up ledger. You can use emojis is chat and wait what?! You can give your companions intelligence? 

"  While Automate Companions is on, whenever you don’t issue a command to a companion, they will approach and fight the enemy as they see fit. This also works for Henchmen!"

Check out the updates note at Pirate101 . See you in the skyways.

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  1. Seems like an interesting and fun game to play. I am not that much into gaming lately but I think I can give it a try with this game one day.


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