Friday, October 27, 2017

Pirate101 Random Draw Contest - Oct 2017

Take a screenshot of you doing your favorite in game activity. 
Contest has closed.

 winners will be posted below.

How to Enter:

* Take a screenshot of your Pirate playing in Pirate101. Add a caption to say what you're doing.
* This contest begins Oct 27, 2017 and ends Oct 31, 2017 at 4pm Central time. 
*Send your screenshot to with title "P101 Screenshot."
*Make sure everything is correct before sending in entry.
*Please make sure to use attachments to send your image.   Links to images will not be approved. 


One lucky Winner
P101 HooDoo Bundle 
Gloomthorn Vine Mount

14 Random Draw Winners 
Winners will receive one of the prizes from the following list.

Gloomthorn Vine Mount
5k Crowns + Steamier 
2.5k Crowns + Engineer's
1k Crowns + Vorpal Bunny

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