Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wizard101 Apartments for Housing Tours

The housing tours in Wizard101 commons allows wizards to visit some of the most creative houses.  Wizard101 also has apartments, starting with Arcanum Apartment to six more from Mirage. All of these can be so creative let's not even mention the dorm rooms! Still, none of these can be put onto housing tours to let other wizards see your creativity. 

Let me show you Blaze's Arcanum Apartment. Look at the window dressings. Set for areas with pets and npcs there are even gauntlet set ups. Without these being on tours no one can ever see these except for friends of Blaze. Not to mention pictures never do creativity justice, you aren't able to see the movement or fun factors! Just look at these images.

So I'm campaigning to have apartments and dorm rooms on the housing tours. Don't forget those amazing dorms! @Wizard101  #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours . Don't forget the hashtag!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Squid Ink Farming and 125 Dropped Gear and Dwarf Furniture

Located in Ariel Jungle is the Secret Tunnel dungeon.  3 Pretty simple battles  and plenty of drops squid ink, cabal gears and dwarf furniture not counting seeds and jewels.  Below I posted images of the cabal gear seems hats , boots and staffs are the best of the gear.  

I will be adding as I get more items to drop and I did mention furniture! I want to thank some friends from twitter for some of these images. Scarlet, Justin Blue and Iridian Willowglen. Did I forget to mention if you finish the dungeon each time you can receive 4130 gold after talking.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Empyrean Castaway Bundle -Wizard101

 Introducing the Empyrean Castaway Bundle. This bundle comes with; Castaway's Bungalow, Junk-Copter Mount with +50% Speed,  BoostPuffy Packfish,  PetRaider Scrap OutfitRaider,  Scrap Blaster Weapon and 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns. Check out your local Game Stop or Check online for Ecards!

The Castaway Bungalow gives your wizards that feeling of an deserted island all to yourself.  Built out of a broken ship parts this house has a grand stature even has a helipad for you Junk-Copter. Did I say there's a PvP ring also?

 There is the beautiful outside area with a fire pit. Just check out how cute that is! Once you find your helipad you can park you copter mount. I won't tell you how to get there its a secret! You never know what secret places you will find in this house.

 The interior is grand! Multi level 9 rooms hidden areas free items and fishing! Just don't forget to bring your buckets House seems to have weathered the storm rather poorly. It has leaks ;) There's even a hidden cove for fishing.

Buckets everywhere!

 You also receive some amazing looking gear and a cute pufferfish  pet. Don't forget to fish to find this new dooodlefish! To find out more check out Wizard101.com . Happy House decorating!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Major Tom to Ground Control- Empyrea is LIVE!

Let's talk about the story for Empyrea with Easter eggs galore! Empyrea will feed your geek or at least its feeding mine. Wizard start going boldly go where no wizard has gone before.  Hey I didn't wreck it, I swear.  It's the red shirts fault :P I do have to say I love this new look for my fire wizard.

After taking the escape pod you land in Nowhere It's a simple village though looks are deceiving. Not to far off is the Beastman's cave. Do you think you have what it takes to fight in the club? Oh wait. There's no talking about fight club. We will just talk about this handsome fellow instead.

Now we come to the pleasure dome and dance our night away.  This area has skinny gobblers I guess they haven't found the way to Colossus Blvd yet. They need to eat on some buildings.  To the Bat Cave wizards! Oh but first can I have this guys hair please ;) Wouldn't mind that face paint either.
That's as far as I have gotten at this time . Loving the crafting Visionary and if you want to really do some crafting try Revered, I am. I was chasing a squid mount earlier hoping to catch some squid ink! OMG Did we wizards finally get the squid mount? It's totally awesome! Empyrea has brought me back to my childhood with so many Easter eggs so pay attention wizards! See you in the Spiral!