Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Empyrean Castaway Bundle -Wizard101

 Introducing the Empyrean Castaway Bundle. This bundle comes with; Castaway's Bungalow, Junk-Copter Mount with +50% Speed,  BoostPuffy Packfish,  PetRaider Scrap OutfitRaider,  Scrap Blaster Weapon and 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns. Check out your local Game Stop or Check online for Ecards!

The Castaway Bungalow gives your wizards that feeling of an deserted island all to yourself.  Built out of a broken ship parts this house has a grand stature even has a helipad for you Junk-Copter. Did I say there's a PvP ring also?

 There is the beautiful outside area with a fire pit. Just check out how cute that is! Once you find your helipad you can park you copter mount. I won't tell you how to get there its a secret! You never know what secret places you will find in this house.

 The interior is grand! Multi level 9 rooms hidden areas free items and fishing! Just don't forget to bring your buckets House seems to have weathered the storm rather poorly. It has leaks ;) There's even a hidden cove for fishing.

Buckets everywhere!

 You also receive some amazing looking gear and a cute pufferfish  pet. Don't forget to fish to find this new dooodlefish! To find out more check out . Happy House decorating!


  1. Great work!
    I wanted to tell u I have found a place where u can farm new housing itema of empyrea, text me if u woulf like to know more! And DON'T FORGET TO ADD MORE BUCKETS!

  2. Duncan BattleStalkerMarch 9, 2018 at 6:17 AM

    I have this house as well as 36 other houses on my account. When I 1st got the Empyrean bundle I just had to explore. A few of my friends came over as well. While I was in the Garden by the Waterfall a Crystal unicorn had appeared. I watched it run away and around the yard. I watched it appear 2 times while I was there. After leaving and coming back I never saw the Crystal Unicorn again there. I have asked so many people and tried so hard to find anything out to absolutely no avail. Have you ever seen this or heard any other stories of a simular one to this?

    1. I have never seen a crystal unicorn appear. Only house I know that has a unicorn appear is the wooded cottage from Wizard city


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