Friday, November 10, 2017

Major Tom to Ground Control- Empyrea is LIVE!

Let's talk about the story for Empyrea with Easter eggs galore! Empyrea will feed your geek or at least its feeding mine. Wizard start going boldly go where no wizard has gone before.  Hey I didn't wreck it, I swear.  It's the red shirts fault :P I do have to say I love this new look for my fire wizard.

After taking the escape pod you land in Nowhere It's a simple village though looks are deceiving. Not to far off is the Beastman's cave. Do you think you have what it takes to fight in the club? Oh wait. There's no talking about fight club. We will just talk about this handsome fellow instead.

Now we come to the pleasure dome and dance our night away.  This area has skinny gobblers I guess they haven't found the way to Colossus Blvd yet. They need to eat on some buildings.  To the Bat Cave wizards! Oh but first can I have this guys hair please ;) Wouldn't mind that face paint either.
That's as far as I have gotten at this time . Loving the crafting Visionary and if you want to really do some crafting try Revered, I am. I was chasing a squid mount earlier hoping to catch some squid ink! OMG Did we wizards finally get the squid mount? It's totally awesome! Empyrea has brought me back to my childhood with so many Easter eggs so pay attention wizards! See you in the Spiral!

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