Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wizard101 Apartments for Housing Tours

The housing tours in Wizard101 commons allows wizards to visit some of the most creative houses.  Wizard101 also has apartments, starting with Arcanum Apartment to six more from Mirage. All of these can be so creative let's not even mention the dorm rooms! Still, none of these can be put onto housing tours to let other wizards see your creativity. 

Let me show you Blaze's Arcanum Apartment. Look at the window dressings. Set for areas with pets and npcs there are even gauntlet set ups. Without these being on tours no one can ever see these except for friends of Blaze. Not to mention pictures never do creativity justice, you aren't able to see the movement or fun factors! Just look at these images.

So I'm campaigning to have apartments and dorm rooms on the housing tours. Don't forget those amazing dorms! @Wizard101  #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours . Don't forget the hashtag!

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