Monday, December 11, 2017

12 Days of the Spiral-Wizard101 and Pirate101

The 12 days of the spiral has returned! Each day I'll add to this post starting with today! To find out more go to

Day 1
Free Pack
Wizard101 Items 
Yuletide Pack
Wooden Skeleton Key for Krampus 

Pirate101 Items 

Tribal Crew Pack 

Day 2
Wizard101 - Winter Wonder Pack 2017!

Pirate101 - New Holiday Items!
Wolf of the Winter Mount 
Silent Knight Weapons 

Day 3
Free Holiday Giveaway!
Winterland Pack
Stone Skeleton Key for Krampus

Grizzly Beast Booster Pack

Day 4
Wizard101 &  Pirate101 
Contest Stocking Artwork & Win Crowns!
Click HERE for more information.

Day 5
Wizard101 - New Holiday Mounts!
Snow Swarm Mount (image above)
Tropical Candy Cane Mount

Pirate101 - New Holiday Companions!

Yuletide Set of 3
Spirit of Giving Companion
Spirit of Receiving Companion
Spirit of Returning Companion

Day 7
Free Holiday Giveaway!

Winter Wonder Pack (2017)
Gold Skeleton Key

Ashes of the Armada Pack

Day 9
New Yuletide Mounts!
Yule Mule Mount (Perm)
Yuletide Crystal Unicorn Mount (Perm)
Yuletide Yeti Pet

Day 11
Free Festive Item Giveaway
Chance of getting one from the list below, for each game.
Wizard101 Items
Yule Mule Mount
Chimney Sweeper Mount
Ice Floe Siren Pet
Lump of Coal Pet
Winter Wonder Pack 2017
Winterland Pack
Yuletide Pack
Gold Skeleton Key
Sparkle Globe
Grand Winter Globe

Pirate101 Items
Yule Mule Mount
YuleTrogg Companion
Holiday Treant Companion
Yuletide Ibis Pet
Yuletide Shark Pet
Sky Dragon Candy Cane Pet
Grizzly Beast Pack
Tribal Crew Pack
Ashes of Armada Pack

Day 12
50% off Selected Packs

Day 13

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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