Monday, January 22, 2018

Apartments for Housing Tours-- Wizard101 Contest

This contest has ended.  Winners will be posted below and on Twitter.

Do you have an Wizard101 Apartment or Dorm? Do you want a chance to win a prize?
Tweet to me @PaigeMoonShade on twitter to be entered into a random draw with 15 Winners!! Oh, I forgot the most important thing, you must use this hashtag #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours to enter. 
Remember you only get one screenshot so make sure we can recognize your entry as a Wizard101 Apartment or Dorm. Winners will be via twitter direct message. This contest runs from now until Sunday Jan 28th. 4:00 pm Central

1 First Place Winner
6 Sonic Spring
1 Gobbler vision 
Mystery crowns

3 Second Place Winners 
6 Sonic Spring
1 Gobbler Vision 
Mystery crowns

11 Third Place winners
6 Sonic Spring
1 Gobbler Vision 
Mystery Crowns

Monday, January 15, 2018

Apartments for Housing Tours Campaign Pt Two - Wizard101

 Continuing the #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours campaign. As you can see pictures never do a Wizard101 house justice although I try to get the best one I can.  Many apartments have sound effects music and castle magic to be able to pull off a detailed feel.
 The apartment above has bread crumbs to make the pets happy. The Apartment below has so much castle magic including to make the tanks disappear to give those fish a free swimming area and effects.

 Moving onto the next apartment created my very own leisure dome. this apartment includes  the band Disco Khan and the 5 Bennys with their smooth disco beat. Dancers under the dome and many effects.
Let's not even mention the dorm rooms. My dorm leads to all my 54 houses including the 7 apartments.  Don't forget if you have a Wizard101 Apartment to show off  tweet an image to me @PaigeMoonShade  and use the hashtag #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours to join the campaign today!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It's Time to get those Double Gardening Rewards

Now through 1/14/18 members can use their double gardening rewards!!!! Become a member today!  Check out Wizard101 to see all the benefits members can get.

Double Experience from Pet Games & Pet Snacks
Double Gardening Rewards and Experience
Free Training Point Buyback from Mr. Lincoln 
Improved Rewards on Daily Assignments
Double Monstrology Experience and Animus Collected
Free 1st Second Chance Chest Roll
More Benefits Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Alphoi Hoard Pack - Wizard101

Introducing the Alphoi Hoard Pack, for 399 crowns you have a chance at Empyrea house guests, furniture, robot pet and the Leisure Dome Gear Sets. I cannot wait and set up an apartment leisure dome. Sending out big thank yous to all of you!