Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Keira MistShard Market Town- Wizard101 Housing Blog Spot

Today I bring the house of Keira MistShard.  Keira's market town has places where all of her beastmen work and live.  They grow and sell all of their goods. Beastmen are known for the excellence in gardening.

I mentioned that beastmen are excellent gardeners. Just look at these mushrooms and gardens! Beastmen grow them big! Alphoi are so amazed at these gardeners they made a deal with the beastmen to take all the good they can carry to their towns. 

In the center of town you can see all the loading zones surrounding the tree of life which brings all of nutrients to the beastmen's gardens.  Beastmen say oxygen and water are the keys plus lots of love for gardening.  Maybe a secret or two they wouldn't tell.  I think it's more magic than anything. ;)

Alphoi come to market town and start  loading up wagons. Loading zones even have goods that are harder to get to such as grains, milk and baskets that are crafted. You can see open loading zones where wagons are arriving. One is loading zone is closed, I guess he is all loaded and  ready to head out of town.

Spike horns do all the mining for market town. You can see them here mining in the walls and water for those precious gems. I think someone needs to go inside to mine some of the bones. I hear bone meal has some healing properties to it. 

Here we have a newly constructed bridge heading to the apple orchard. 

All of this early morning marketing and worn me out. Until next time, Happy House Decorating.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Zero Energy for Fishing- Wizard101 Member Benefit

 That's right Wizards this weekend is zero energy for fishing weekend.  What does that mean? Members while fishing use no energy!! It's time to fill in my spreadsheet. As many of you know I have a wizard house full of fish, this house has one fish for each of its size. Becoming a member of Wizard101 you can have so many benefits.  Check them out here. This benefit ends Monday, February 19, 2018.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Castle Magic - Magic Timers and Reflectors - Wizard101

 Do you know how you can make everything larger? Well, I want to talk about making everything smaller. Every wanted that big statue to fit inside a case or how about paint jars looking like actual paints. One thing I will mention it will take a bit of floating to make your smaller pieces go on table and stands.
 Castle magic can do so much, first you will need an Magic timer, the blue square and a magic reflector, the orange ball. Now you need an utility spell called Activate Reflector and so action cards like to make things grow smaller larger or cast spells. Now open your timer add your activate reflector then click on target item and target your magic reflector. Now to set  for any item to stay constantly small or large even move this is the setting you would need. Now you can change them up a bit for spells and this, I would put them on a different timer.

 Now let's set up the reflector. Your reflector and do up to eight things or should say eight different spells to eight items. I have several things growing or becoming smaller to fit on things. You add your action card such as make smaller, then you click on the target item let's say that Proud Pegasus Statue. Close everything and the statue goes smaller. Repeat for up to eight more items.

 Now we need to do out floating technique. Take a larger rug place it down. Use a tatami mat and spin it using your scroll over the rug until it starts moving . Move it to where you want to place your statue. Now just click cancel Tatami mat will go back in your pack. Leave and come back to your house and the large rug will be right where you started.
 Here are some before and after images to show  how everything will look until  the fit into place.  Oh I used the make invisible  action spell on the fish tank so it disappears leaving the fish to swim without his tank. Until next time Happy House Decorating. Special thanks to Destiny for the idea of the paint set.