Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Keira MistShard Market Town- Wizard101 Housing Blog Spot

Today I bring the house of Keira MistShard.  Keira's market town has places where all of her beastmen work and live.  They grow and sell all of their goods. Beastmen are known for the excellence in gardening.

I mentioned that beastmen are excellent gardeners. Just look at these mushrooms and gardens! Beastmen grow them big! Alphoi are so amazed at these gardeners they made a deal with the beastmen to take all the good they can carry to their towns. 

In the center of town you can see all the loading zones surrounding the tree of life which brings all of nutrients to the beastmen's gardens.  Beastmen say oxygen and water are the keys plus lots of love for gardening.  Maybe a secret or two they wouldn't tell.  I think it's more magic than anything. ;)

Alphoi come to market town and start  loading up wagons. Loading zones even have goods that are harder to get to such as grains, milk and baskets that are crafted. You can see open loading zones where wagons are arriving. One is loading zone is closed, I guess he is all loaded and  ready to head out of town.

Spike horns do all the mining for market town. You can see them here mining in the walls and water for those precious gems. I think someone needs to go inside to mine some of the bones. I hear bone meal has some healing properties to it. 

Here we have a newly constructed bridge heading to the apple orchard. 

All of this early morning marketing and worn me out. Until next time, Happy House Decorating.

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