Thursday, April 12, 2018

Unicorn Hoard Pack- Wizard101

The Unicorn Hoard Pack is now available in the crowned shop. This pack comes with multi-colors of the rainbow items. For 399 crowns this pack gives you so much. Even has some new items you can acquire.

Let me tell you about the new items! Multi-colored unicorn gear sets that even have a weapon bow that coordinates with each color scheme. Omg plushie rainbow unicorn pets! They are just fabulous! New furniture toy castle and towers. I can't wait to see what I can do with those.

Did I forget to mention the best thing of all? Unicorn mounts! These come in three different color schemes to match your gear or pet. These mounts come in one day seven days or permanent. I have enough one and seven day mounts to keep me going for a while. Hope you enjoy this pack as much as I am. See you in the Spiral.


  1. Hello

    I am asking you...

    When can find all items wich are in this unicorn hoard pack ?

    Thank you


    1. Hey Jereimi
      This is all Im going to be posted. I would check wizard101 central wiki. They will have all items in pack soon


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