Friday, June 22, 2018

Decorating with Rugs - Wizard101

Today I want to talk about decorating with rugs. I'm not talking about glitching with rugs I'm talking about decorating with rugs. Rugs can be as simple as placing one in front of a sink or sofa as you would do in your real life house. You can also create carpets for an entire room, much like the image above. The Wide Orange Rug was made larger with castle magic enabling the rug to fill the majority of the room.  Add some decorations and you have your decorated space using only one item count. Pretty right?

Here's another example, this small Walrusk Rug is centered in the reading room which completes the area. Below is another take the same rug,  By placing 35 many of them together it created this unique carpet. 

Deciding whether to make a rug larger or adding them together can be based purely on how much detail you're looking for or managing your item count. The last image below shows the Walrusk Rug made larger.  Hope you enjoyed this segment and if you're decorating an Wizard101 apartment don't forget to use the hashtag #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours  on Twitter to show your apartment off.  Until next time, Happy House Decorating. 

Special thank you to Destiny.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Test realm teaser- June 2018 Wizard101

Renee Wooften and her crew are at it again. Today fansites were given our first test realm teasers. Here is Professor Drake before and after pictures. Can you spot the differences?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Best little Dorm Decorating Tips - Those Five Special Items - Wizard101

Let's talk about tips for the Best Little Dorm Contest. On the Fifth Annual Dorm Contest players were to create their very own shops. There were so many great entries though this entry of an Air Emporium sticks in my mind as my favorite of all time. Eric's Story and how he worked his five items into his shop and paragraphs made it the perfect dorm for me.

The five items for that year were  a Mushroom,  a Candle,  Something musical,  a Weapon and One Pearl Orchid.  Players are allowed to send in three images which showed their dorm off. Although Eric didn't win the top prize he won my favorite choice.

So remember those items are meant to be incorporated into your dorm and everything needs to fit together.  These items are meant to be used not just placed down in the dorm room.  See you in July for 2018s Best Little Dorm. Don't forget those paragraphs! Until next time. Happy House Decorating.

Welcome, one and all, to Eric Soulbrand's APOCALYPSE-B-HERE: AIR EMPORIUM AND APOCALYPSE SHELTER!! Apocalypse got you down? Suffocating from all that nuclear fallout in your bomb shelter after your air tanks failed and your filters stopped working? What? Nothing has happened yet? Well, it will! Here at Apocalypse-B-Here, we've got all the air for your nuclear apocalypse needs! If not nuclear, then what about a Zombie Apocalypse? Don't let them bite you! Let us not forget the stray chance of a mutant gerbil invasion! I'm wasting my time? How dare you! We sell only the finest quality air for those dire circumstances! Stock up now or be the guy or girl who wished they had!

In case of an emergency, we even double as our own shelter for those in need! Space is limited. We aren't like those other apocalypse stores claiming to be prepared. We have a touch of class. With lead walls, ceilings and floors, that radiation won't ruin our day! All our wood is gorgeous cherry with silk rugs to match! Our patented Red Toadstool allows for a constant circulation of fresh air through natural means! I beat those other guys use "machines". Ha! Our Candle and Holder provides light for the blackout that is sure to come. We won't be caught in the dark! We offer the sweet melodies for a piano for those who will assuredly be the last of humanity. Does those other Apocalypse-Ready stores have a piano?! I think not! I bet they think piano is a vegetable! An axe adorns the wall for special cases, such as a breach, or if one of us really did get bitten by a zombie and lied about it, changing hours later and endanger those of us left. Not this time, Ted! Finally, rest your eyes on the gentle and soothing Pearl Orchid and forget those terrible memories the destroyed world outside our walls. Come in today! Say "I'm not infected, Eric! Put down the axe! Nooo!" for a special discount!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Player Detectors Castle Magic - Wizard101

Magic player detectors allow you to set off castle magic when a player crosses over this detector. You can make pathways open and close set spells off, move or make Items invisible.

Magic player detectors are bought in Marlybone for 1300 gold from Babbage Basset  sometimes you can find them in the bazaar for a lower price. Don't forget your spells or animation cards you will need. I bought the scarab and invisibility for this topic.

Set your items down. I wanted this area blocked off and only when a player crosses over the detector will it open. Make sure your detector is right over where a player would walk. You don't want a player having to find when a detector is after all you can't see them.

Now click on the orange detector and set your invisibility spell and set it to the item you want to go invisible. I'm making the Kroktopian statue go invisible. Now set up a spell for when a player leaves I use a target item that players can't see like bread crumbs or other castle magic pieces.

Here is an image of my dragon house with spells going off. Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time, Happy House Decorating.

Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Theme Decorating on a Budget

It's Decorating month here at Paige's Page so let's start with theme decorating on a budget. Give yourself a budget, I gave myself a budget of 10,000 gold to decorate a green themed dorm room. After all 10000 isn't that hard to get anymore.

Since I am doing a green theme, I will need the color green though not everything has to be green. Green just has to be the dominant color of the dorm room. Items I plan on using that are green are;

Arboreal Wallpaper 375 - marleybone
Elegant hat stand 150 - bazaar
Snazzy green sette 750 - Azteca
Dusty rug 800- bazaar
Beetle beanbag 400 - bazaar
lynx gazer 365 - bazaar
The tower painting 285- wc
Life school of magic book 200- bazaar
Green basket 800 - bazaar
Green gem 400- bazaar
Wysteria fern 1250- Wysteria
Holiday cranberry sauce 160 - bazaar
Ornate bed 2250 - marleybone/bazaar 1800

Nongreen items
Stack of paper 193 recipe crafted wc
wooden floor tile 125 - WC furniture shop
Empty jar 100 - Wc
candle with holder 125- wc
Clay teapot 175- bazaar
Darkmoor side table 225- bazaar
Range pole- free quest item
Ironworks trash can 86 - bazaar
Mantle Clock 248 - bazaar

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. This dorm room cost roughly 8,000 and change. Decorating only needs to show your point or theme. Take my green dorm theme. I had to have green items. The dorm needed to be a dorm with a bed and places to work at and a place to relax. Hope you enjoyed this week's segment. Until next time Happy House Decorating.