Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Theme Decorating on a Budget

It's Decorating month here at Paige's Page so let's start with theme decorating on a budget. Give yourself a budget, I gave myself a budget of 10,000 gold to decorate a green themed dorm room. After all 10000 isn't that hard to get anymore.

Since I am doing a green theme, I will need the color green though not everything has to be green. Green just has to be the dominant color of the dorm room. Items I plan on using that are green are;

Arboreal Wallpaper 375 - marleybone
Elegant hat stand 150 - bazaar
Snazzy green sette 750 - Azteca
Dusty rug 800- bazaar
Beetle beanbag 400 - bazaar
lynx gazer 365 - bazaar
The tower painting 285- wc
Life school of magic book 200- bazaar
Green basket 800 - bazaar
Green gem 400- bazaar
Wysteria fern 1250- Wysteria
Holiday cranberry sauce 160 - bazaar
Ornate bed 2250 - marleybone/bazaar 1800

Nongreen items
Stack of paper 193 recipe crafted wc
wooden floor tile 125 - WC furniture shop
Empty jar 100 - Wc
candle with holder 125- wc
Clay teapot 175- bazaar
Darkmoor side table 225- bazaar
Range pole- free quest item
Ironworks trash can 86 - bazaar
Mantle Clock 248 - bazaar

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. This dorm room cost roughly 8,000 and change. Decorating only needs to show your point or theme. Take my green dorm theme. I had to have green items. The dorm needed to be a dorm with a bed and places to work at and a place to relax. Hope you enjoyed this week's segment. Until next time Happy House Decorating.


  1. Lovely and refreshing to the eyes. I would love to live in that dorm. :D

  2. thank you. Excellent article. Can't wait to read more like this.


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