Friday, June 15, 2018

Best little Dorm Decorating Tips - Those Five Special Items - Wizard101

Let's talk about tips for the Best Little Dorm Contest. On the Fifth Annual Dorm Contest players were to create their very own shops. There were so many great entries though this entry of an Air Emporium sticks in my mind as my favorite of all time. Eric's Story and how he worked his five items into his shop and paragraphs made it the perfect dorm for me.

The five items for that year were  a Mushroom,  a Candle,  Something musical,  a Weapon and One Pearl Orchid.  Players are allowed to send in three images which showed their dorm off. Although Eric didn't win the top prize he won my favorite choice.

So remember those items are meant to be incorporated into your dorm and everything needs to fit together.  These items are meant to be used not just placed down in the dorm room.  See you in July for 2018s Best Little Dorm. Don't forget those paragraphs! Until next time. Happy House Decorating.

Welcome, one and all, to Eric Soulbrand's APOCALYPSE-B-HERE: AIR EMPORIUM AND APOCALYPSE SHELTER!! Apocalypse got you down? Suffocating from all that nuclear fallout in your bomb shelter after your air tanks failed and your filters stopped working? What? Nothing has happened yet? Well, it will! Here at Apocalypse-B-Here, we've got all the air for your nuclear apocalypse needs! If not nuclear, then what about a Zombie Apocalypse? Don't let them bite you! Let us not forget the stray chance of a mutant gerbil invasion! I'm wasting my time? How dare you! We sell only the finest quality air for those dire circumstances! Stock up now or be the guy or girl who wished they had!

In case of an emergency, we even double as our own shelter for those in need! Space is limited. We aren't like those other apocalypse stores claiming to be prepared. We have a touch of class. With lead walls, ceilings and floors, that radiation won't ruin our day! All our wood is gorgeous cherry with silk rugs to match! Our patented Red Toadstool allows for a constant circulation of fresh air through natural means! I beat those other guys use "machines". Ha! Our Candle and Holder provides light for the blackout that is sure to come. We won't be caught in the dark! We offer the sweet melodies for a piano for those who will assuredly be the last of humanity. Does those other Apocalypse-Ready stores have a piano?! I think not! I bet they think piano is a vegetable! An axe adorns the wall for special cases, such as a breach, or if one of us really did get bitten by a zombie and lied about it, changing hours later and endanger those of us left. Not this time, Ted! Finally, rest your eyes on the gentle and soothing Pearl Orchid and forget those terrible memories the destroyed world outside our walls. Come in today! Say "I'm not infected, Eric! Put down the axe! Nooo!" for a special discount!

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