Friday, June 22, 2018

Decorating with Rugs - Wizard101

Today I want to talk about decorating with rugs. I'm not talking about glitching with rugs I'm talking about decorating with rugs. Rugs can be as simple as placing one in front of a sink or sofa as you would do in your real life house. You can also create carpets for an entire room, much like the image above. The Wide Orange Rug was made larger with castle magic enabling the rug to fill the majority of the room.  Add some decorations and you have your decorated space using only one item count. Pretty right?

Here's another example, this small Walrusk Rug is centered in the reading room which completes the area. Below is another take the same rug,  By placing 35 many of them together it created this unique carpet. 

Deciding whether to make a rug larger or adding them together can be based purely on how much detail you're looking for or managing your item count. The last image below shows the Walrusk Rug made larger.  Hope you enjoyed this segment and if you're decorating an Wizard101 apartment don't forget to use the hashtag #Wiz101ApartmentsforTours  on Twitter to show your apartment off.  Until next time, Happy House Decorating. 

Special thank you to Destiny.

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