Friday, June 8, 2018

Player Detectors Castle Magic - Wizard101

Magic player detectors allow you to set off castle magic when a player crosses over this detector. You can make pathways open and close set spells off, move or make Items invisible.

Magic player detectors are bought in Marlybone for 1300 gold from Babbage Basset  sometimes you can find them in the bazaar for a lower price. Don't forget your spells or animation cards you will need. I bought the scarab and invisibility for this topic.

Set your items down. I wanted this area blocked off and only when a player crosses over the detector will it open. Make sure your detector is right over where a player would walk. You don't want a player having to find when a detector is after all you can't see them.

Now click on the orange detector and set your invisibility spell and set it to the item you want to go invisible. I'm making the Kroktopian statue go invisible. Now set up a spell for when a player leaves I use a target item that players can't see like bread crumbs or other castle magic pieces.

Here is an image of my dragon house with spells going off. Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time, Happy House Decorating.

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