Monday, July 23, 2018

How Did I Get Here? Marleybone Jail

Hanging out with Freddy Ninelives when I saw some yarn on the ground, I stopped to pick it up and Freddy called the coppers! The Copper called me a thief? I was like Sir it was just laying here on the ground how does that make me a thief? The Copper said for talking back I had to spend the rest of the month in the Marleybone Jail making sweaters for Yuletide in July Ugly Sweater Ball. Yup, that's how I got here in the slammer.

 Every jail needs a star so I used the star chalice on top of the guards desk. The folding stool is in the jail cell, I needed something to sit on to do all that knitting. I used the Yuletide Stag as a decoration on the shelf, after all I needed something to keep me in the Yuletide spirit. The hanging onions I made larger which made for the perfect balls of tan yarn, then we have the Leaf-Bare Tree which became the perfect hat and coat rack for the officer who is making sure I knit those ugly sweaters.


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