Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Animal Cove - KingsIsle

Animal Cove has been released world wide!

 Animal Cove is a match three game where you make matches to complete puzzles. Each puzzle has it's fun factor like this one in the above image has mushroom logs. Match three next to the logs and mushrooms fly out.
 As you work through each puzzle you gain keys so that you can repair your cove park. keys are used to complete each quest. Quests consist of rebuilding building, repairing area and talking to the animals. Right now I'm working on repairing a fountain. to learn more check out the Animal Cove twitter page.

Animal Cove has events much like Wizard101. This week Tuesday through Thursday will be #BabyAnimals event. This event will allow you to play special levels to get this adorable baby puppy.

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