Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Jack Nightingale Pirate101 Hideouts Showcase

 Welcome to Jack Nightingale's pirate hideout. Jack's hideout represents his golden chicken army. Jack has over 500 plus chickens. When you first show up I was introduced to all of Jack's golden chicken guards.

 As I traveled further into Jack's hideout I met the Chicken Emperor. Jack's hideout has many room set for him to live in. You can see all of his treasures. I think his loot is well protected, don't you?

 Jack's favorite room is this Marleybone tent room. It has a great design I really like it to. My favorite place is this golden chicken sitting in a tree. Look at him just perched there so grand. Hope you enjoyed this Pirate101 Hideout as much as I did. See you next time.

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