Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing The Bunny Mount- Wizard101

Introducing the Prismatic Hare and Caerbannog Rabbit mounts just in time for easter!! These adorable mounts wont be around forever! In the crowned shop Hare is 4500 and rabbit is 3750. Oh and Eggbert is back with all his Easter items!

OMG!!! A new one!! hurry!! before the rabbit gets away 9556D2LQFL35H9M3Q374

Special thank you to Johnny for the render and video!!  Don't look here Z556D2LQGL35W9M3Q374

Move along nothing to see here

Pirate101 Test realm- Aquila Furniture

Ahoy Pirates with this round of test realm we have advanced pets and advanced companions, Though awesome and everyone is talking about them I would rather talk about the Aquila housing items coming to live. Go to Nova Aquila  inside The Agora to find the housing vendor.

Sergius Orata sells a variety of housing items from; statues, pillars, gates, tents to misc urns and vases. Even some fancy candle holders to bring a grand design to any house. I do wish we had more paper , flooring and plant life from Aqulia , as always this is a great start. 

 I bought this one tablet that can go on a table or stand , as I got a closer look it had words on it so I translated them " The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling" what an interesting saying.  In all the Aquila furniture is very beautiful and very grand. 
The fates lead The willing and drag the unwilling.

 I forgot to mention pets and mounts can now roam free in your Pirate101 house!!  That's right you can now have movement in your houses to bring them to life. See ye in the skyways.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Color me Jack- Winners!!

So many talented pirates out in the spiral. 
One Eyed Jack has never been so colorful. 
Congratulations Winners!!

Top 2

Bloody Lola Sawkins

Lenora Vaughn

15 Random draws
Reckless Suri Silver
Dark Colin Holystone
Fearless Jose Capstan
Bloody Belle 
Rashida Ivey
Michael Yate


Fiery Autumn
Fearless Dino

Merciless Samuel Dennis

Crafty Eric Hawkins

Strong Carlyle Cranston

Sly Felix Devereaux
Because we had so many amazing entries here are and believe me I wish I had enough codes to give to everyone. Here are:
Honorable Mentions
1 random prize from this list
Random Springtime Pet

1500 Crowns
Practical Austin Worley
Crazy Ryan Upham

Silent Calamity Ward
Captain Tiffany This is Pikachu's trainer, One Eyed Jack!

All winners have been emailed

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color me Jack -Springtime Giveaway

Color me Jack Contest is to take the One Eyed Jack coloring page and color it, much as I did in the banner for this contest. How would you like One Eyed Jack to look? This contest starts April 5, 2014 ends April 12,2014. 6pm US Central Time.

Contest has ended. Winners posted HERE.

How to Enter:
* Take this One Eyed Jack coloring page HERE and color it. How? That's up to you. (Just don't change the orginal outline)
* Email your finished coloring page to along with your Pirate name , such as ( Perilous Paige) by April 12,2014 6pm US central time. Please make sure to have the email title has Color Me Jack as title. 
*Never send your username or password
If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission
Thank you KingsIsle for these wonder prizes


Top 2 entries will receive
 1. Hoodoo Cornelius Companion from the HooDoo Bundle
1. Witchdoctor’s Lab from the HooDoo Bundle
1. Random Springtime Pet - here
1. 1500 Crowns code

15 Random draws!!
Each draw will receive a random prize from this list
Witchdoctor’s Lab
Random Springtime Pet
1500 Crowns

These codes may be redeemed at

Friday, April 4, 2014

Test Realm - Khrysalis Part 2 & Housing!!!

Wizards can now reach the maximum of level 100!
Increased that your wizard can carry! 
New School Pets!
New weapons!
New spells!
New Shadow Creatures and much much more!
Khrysalis part 2 contains three separate Premium Zones at 1995 each.
Oh! did I mention New housing items and house!!!!!
 This is not a code J556D2LQVL35Z9M3Q374 Someone doesn't know how to read, not a code ;)
That's right Wizards we have a new house to craft!! The Treetop Getaway is an amazing twist and turn of tree branches that spiral up and through this house. This house has four rooms 3 gazebos and many landings including those much needed areas for your gardens. I'm still crafting the pieces of this house just cannot wait to get my hands on decorating it.

1 braided vine
3 sparse frond
40 mist wood
6 azteca scaffolding
8 azteca archways
4 azteca kiln
10 dino pillar
2 amber
The Treetop getaway recipe can be purchased from the Cantares Five Flowers in Azteca, Saltmeadow Swamp. This recipe will be one of those that all crafters will be showing off they created as it takes a bit of work but going to be so worth every minute. We even have new regents in Khrysalis Part 2, one being this Comet tail shown below. New Reagent bundles in crowned shop!, Yes! I so need those. Oh!, and did I mention this house comes with its very own tag game! I took so many pictures of this house I placed them in a collage at the end of this post. Enjoy! 
Next up w have gaming tours. Meet Eliza Windspar , Myrella's sister. She has joined her sister in housing tours to play games! I was able to test this some and you can see how players can see  the houses show up in Eliza's tours. 
                              When the owner of a house starts a housing game such as Zeke's Scavenger Hunt or Tag, they will see a button to make the game public. This means that other people will be able to play that game at your house just by selecting it from Eliza Windspar's menu. 
 Myrella Windspar had a update to tours, you now need 50 items inside and outside to be able to add your house to the tours. You also can see how much more time your house has left in tours with how many visitors you have had. Remember to rate those houses so people can see how many visited though.
To find out more about all these updates check out Wizard101. I can say I'm very impressed.I know you will be too! See you in test realm Monday - Friday. 
Neither is this V556D2LQTL3579M3Q374

Nor this either T556D2LQXL3599M3Q374

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring cleaning?

Spring Cleaning?

The winter is full of undead and it's time to clean them out. So do you have what it takes to defeat the undead?

This is a random draw of categories contest. This contest runs from April 2,2014 to April 15,2014 6:00pm central
Contest has ended- 
 Winners are posted below. 
All winners have been emailed.
So much cleaning

How to enter:
*Take a screenshot of your wizard(As image shown above) with one of the undead badges shown below and send it to For this contest please use Spring cleaning for email title. 
*You may only enter one category of your choice.
* Do not edit your screenshot
* Winners will be announced on or before April 18, 2014 6:00 pm central
If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission

Link to Undead HERE

Undead Slayer 2000 undead

20 random draw winners!!
Each winner will receive one random prize.
(Pagoda or Winterbane gantlet)
Rylee Starflower
Kevin Moonleaf
Arthur Angleflame
Masison Stargem
Kyle Battleblade
Alejandro Silverheart
Michelle Shadowgem
Keira Deathwalker
Destiny Shadowheart
Ian Dragonpyre
Allan RainbowHeart
Hannah Stormblossom
Jermey Griffinhammer
Iridian Raingem
Alexandria Spellcaster
Fred Boom
Blake Battlethorn
Alura Silverdust
Kristen Nighthunter

Brandon Owlsword
Undead Crusader 1000 undead

20 random draw winners!!
Each winner will receive one fantastic fishbowl
Miranda Skywalker
Justin Legend
Luke Thunderbreeze
Katie Wildsong
Anthony Ashmask
Jack MoonFlower
Noah Skullflame
Daniel DragonDreamer
Colin DarkCrafter
Kevin Lifewalker
Kiley MoonShade
Scarlet Storm
Sydney Skysong
Seth Stormblood
Kiera Pixieyes
Scarlet Dreamgarden
Leesha Seawhisper

Alexis Unicornheart
Undead Conquerer 500 undead

20 random draw winners!!
Each winner will receive one Set of Mannequins 
Boris Boomblade
Ginelle Redflower
Matthew Lifehammer
Madeline Dawndreamer
Brooke Stormcaster
John Thundermask
Blaze Legendstrider
Austion Ironslinger
Sean Dreamweaver
Blaze Stormsmith
Taryn Firegem
Kestrel Sandshard
Ryan IceCaller
Alex Deathhammer
Seth Bluemender
Tasha Sparkleheart
Stephanie Deathsword
Hunter Anglethief

Dylan SunThief
Undead Hunter 100 undead

20 random draw winners!!
Each winner will receive one Elixir code
(Additional Castle & Bric-a-Brac)

Alura Rainbowweaver
Lucas Dragonslinger
Alyssa Mythcrafter
Dugan mythhunter
Jordan Lifecaller
Caleb Redeyes
Christina Rainbowstaff
Tristan Duskweaver
Megan Moon
Andrew Darkflame
Amber Pixiemask
Samantha Nighttail
Anna Fairybloom
Duncan StormThief
Luis Shadowwalker
Steven Thunderhand
Marcus Hawkeyes

Good luck!!

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes


Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.

 To enter your game code:

* Enter your account information and click LOGIN

* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT


* Redeem your item(s) from the in-game gift window or look for rewards of Crowns to appear in your Crowns History on the website.

Maximum number of redemptions per code: 1
Maximum number of unique codes that can be redeemed per account from this promotion: 3 for elixirs, mannequins & fish bowl

Maximum number of unique codes that can be redeemed per account from this promotion: 1 for pagoda & winterbane

If you encounter an problem redeeming your game code, please send an email to and include your code and Wizard101 account name, but never the password!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Mighty Steed! --- April Fools ;)

There's a new mount in town just in time for April Fools day. The mighty Steed with 40% speed you can gallop all over  the spiral! For only 3,750 crowns this mighty steed will only be around till April 6th so get yours today!!!

Thank you Kelsey for this awesome video!