Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sneak Peeps for Wizard101 Spring Test realm

Coming Soon to Wizard101, The Monstrologist Burke . In KI Live they showed  in depth  How everything works. Minions?  Jewel Vault!!! New pets!! Fishing!!! I can't wait till I get into test realm.  To see these new pets Frostcaller has all of the images in this post Here . I'm looking forward to the seeing the Opossum, Raging Bull and The Eyeball. I'll add sneak peeps as they come.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Muli- Tasking in Wizard101

So I have been slowly decorating a few houses at once and questing on my myth wizard, who is now level 97, Woot!  I have also been slowly crafting the spells in The Wyrd, Avalon. The Npc Grady sells the recipes for these spells.  I was farming Cronus  for amber , also for Merle's whiskers and Amber dust to craft more amber. I still need my death's and storm's spells. I'm all caught up on all other wizards.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Marleybone Car Mount - Wizard101

It's finally here the mount everyone has been wanting. The Marleybone Car! This animated mount looks like its a real Model T. It jitters's and the radiator cap bounces. This amazing mount runs for 7k crowns in the crowned shop. This mount has 50% speed boost and is a fast little car. Thanks KingsIsle, I love this new mount.

 I found a image of an real 1920 Model t. Some had gold trim Like our game version.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pirate101 Test Realm Party Images

 Pirate101 had a test realm party. I got a few images before I had to leave.  Talk about fun while I was there! Tom ( One Eyed Jack) was throwing turrets everywhere.  I got to go as far as Jonah Town. Then I decided to help Tom out and keep his ship decks nice and clean.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Test realm pARRty- Pirate101 2/23/17

Party in the Pirate101 Test Realm tomorrow (Thursday Feb 23rd at 4:00pm US Central). 

It's not a update, though new hardware configurations need stress testing.

Pirate101 swing open the doors tomorrow , and One Eyed Jack will be dropping turrets in the Skull Island Skyway of the test realm at 4:00pm . . . there will also be a limited time code broadcast while in the test realm that will only be good for an hour or two . . . Hey we may even do some Pet Sparring and take a few pictures! 

So come join in the fun in test realm tomorrow for a Pirate101 pARRrty! See you then!

Test Realm qualifications found here:

Never Give Up - Wizard101

If you're anything like me  , farming can just be mentally PAINFUL . I dread having to farm for some piece of gear. I have the Blade of the Felled Titan on all my other wizards though my myth took FOREVER. Couple of months later I finally have my dagger. This is from farming about 5 times a day when I had time. The moral of this story is , if you want something never give up.  Keep farming and keep my mind from doubting myself. ;) KI Doesn't have a conspiracy against my poor little myth wizard. :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Friendship Cards - Wizard101 Winners

Congratulations Wizard101 Winners

1-1st Place Winner 
10000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Leopard (W101) + Bunny Hug(P101)

In Wizard101 most of my friends I've met in the hatchery. Like the ones I'm with in this photo. My friends and I love to make pets and get awesome talents. I'm the one with the cat ears and in this photo my friends were about to hatch. My friends are very kind and fun to hang out with. We love to make new pets and help one another out. My friend in the Sandra suit was having a hard time making a pet so my other friend in balance hat was willing to help him out. These friends will help me when I'm down and make the game more enjoyable. I hope everyone can have as good as friends as I do on Wizard101.

3-2nd Place Winners
5000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Ladybug (W101) + Huggle Hoggle (P101)

Marissa Dragon Tail

Here is my card its just me and best friend having fun with the new magic items I made my mount tiger grow and this what my friend said "They grow up so fast" I just died laughing hahaha.

Kevin DragonHeart

My Friend and i Love to do questing and farming together, In this Picture we were farming Spiral cup for Energy gear.
     ''Side by Side
       or Miles Apart,
        Real Friends
        are Always
        Close to Heart''
My Friends are very special because they're funny,friendly,mental,nuts,daft,kind and caring.
But most of all,they are more special cause they're crazy like me!!

Scarlet Firesong

My best friend in Wizard101 also happens to be my best friend in real life. Although she and I love to quest and go fishing together, our favorite thing in the game is decorating our houses. We have a friendly competition going on to see who can decorate their houses best. We spend huge amounts of gold and crowns trying to buy the rarest items because we take pride in our collections. Once, we spent about two hours in the Bazaar, refreshing the list again and again so we can get rare expensive items. But what’s truly rare is not the items we buy, but it’s the friendship that we have. It’s so special when your best friend in real life also likes to plays this game with you and shares your interests. In this photo of us, we are both at my house where I’m standing on the right side by my bed and my friend is standing on the left by her bed. Every time we decorate a house, we always create a bedroom with beds for both of us so we can pretend to have sleepovers. And we always decorate the other’s side of the room the way they like it and with the bed the other wants. Every week, we meet at one of our houses to have a “sleepover” where we put on some of our favorite game music so we dance, talk, and play hide & seek. We also like to pull pranks on each other. One time, I gave her an ugly bunk bed, a very bad looking night stand, a mummy standing right by her bed and put cobwebs and empty cans of food all around her bed. We both burst out laughing when she came to see it. I would like to give Wizard101 a big thank you for bringing me and friend even closer together.

5-3rd Place Winners
1000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Cupig (W101) + Friendship Grouper (P101)
Cassandar Bloom

Me and my friend love to play together in the Arena, because we have so much fun while planning our attacks and we help each other a lot! I love to play there with her, wizard 101 is our favorite game!

Keena NightHunter
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm blessed and happy
Because I found you.
Wizard101 is more fun when you play with a friend.

Iridian Willowglen

Matthew Mythglade

Becca and I met each other 3 months ago. We met in Unicorn Way on our way to kill Lady Blackhope. Since that day on, we have become great friends. The Screen shot below was when Becca brought herself the Majestic Bundle. She was showing me around and I was really impressed. We got so excited that we started dancing. Oh, what a fun day it was! I also spilled my coffee on my keyboard that day, so there's that. 

Daniel AngleBringer

This is me and my best friend in the game! We do a lot thing together. pvp, and, quest. i met him   on wizard101 in 2012! We are still together always, he is my best friend so far!