Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pirate101 Test Realm-- 9/29/16

 Pirate101 test realm comes with The Rogue Armada Dreadnaught (Skull Island Fortress). This Dreadnaught is on the far side of Skull Island . I was lucky enough to find a group fighting there and only had to defeat one ship and the Dreanaught itself before I could enter the sigil.

Once I was in the area for battle you talk to Haywire. The battle is fun especially when you can get the Dragoons to battle themselves. ;) There's even a second hand chest with lots of furniture from; Krok, Grizzlehiem and Dragonspyre  for those Pirate decorators. I was able to grab 2 shooty weapons from the chest, one cannon and  a pestroleer shown in image below. Want to know more? Check out Pirate101 Test Realm Notes.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hoard Pack Sale- Wizard101

Now through September 25, 2016. You can get 50% off the Road Warrior's Hoard Pack and Immortal's Lore Pack.
My favorite things are
Road Warrior's Hoard Pack,  that amazing fire chopper!
Immortal's Lore Pack, those Npcs

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ode to a Birthday Cake- Wizard101 Birthday House

Ode to a Birthday Cake
George The Gobbler

Oh Birthday Cake , Oh Birthday Cake, How I adore you,
The Gobbler King is mad I ATE all the Cake,
You're my last Birthday Cake all the wizards want you,
OH Birthday Cake oh Birthday , How I adore you.
I can't wait for Birthday Cake next year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Alpha Cat Now World Wide!

That's right Alpha Cat is out world wide! On Android, iOS, Amazon.  Alpha Cat is a fun to play  matching game that battles space bad guys. You and your Alpha Cat go from planet to planet saving all your Whiskar friends. So many things to do daily from; feeding and upgrading your team, daily missions, collecting loot and prizes
 Home is where you start your adventure. Here you can go to the Loot Lab, Crew Lounge and Star Map.  Let me show you each area.
Crew Lounge,  this is where you maintain your Alpha Cat and crew. Leveling, feeding and enhancing each crew. Feeding , this is how you level your crew. Find the right type of food for extra points. Any unwanted common crew can be turned into stardust for enhancing the crew you want to keep. Below is a image that show stats of one of my crew.  I just won a epic attacker today so this one will be leaving me soon.

Daily missions , by completing these missions you can win gems and food for your crew. You can complete more than one set each day to win more. You will need fuel to complete these and you complete these by going to the star map and battling through each world. I found if I'm not high enough level to complete the continuing world, at the top of mission, I can go back to lower level worlds to complete these. Can I just say addicting ;) Off to save Whiskar! Meeeoowww!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Strolling Through Memory Lane- Wizard101

It's Wizard101's eighth year and I thought I would celebrate it with a trip down memory lane. I'm talking way back in time to the very first things I did. First let me tell you about how I got into Wizard101. My Nephews and I were watching cartoons and we saw this commercial come on, granted this was in Dec, 2008. I asked them, hey did that look fun to you? So off we went to the computer.
We proceeded to create the very first Paige MoonShade. I had help ;) though I picked the name, after all I was going to have to see this name.  Paige  because I think it's pretty, Moon because I love the moonlight and Shade I don't like being in the sun. I wish I still has images of this , oh well I do have one from Feb 2009 at level 50. We all proceeded to create Wizards.
As time moved on many things happened in 2009; housing, mounts and so much more. 2009 was when I got my signature Bunny Staff I still carry to this day though it's been stitched a few times over.  It was also the year it was named Fear the BUNNY! One simple picture that took me about 20 minutes to take. Bunny staff hold up and it was over. My very first mount was a broom with a star on it. First house was the Royal Playhouse. First haunted house was the Marleybone Royal Estate. I actually won a prize from KingsIsle for this house.
Wizard101's first birthday came in with a big party in Ravenwood, KingsIsle came out to enjoy the party with us players. So as test realms come and go let's remember the fun we have had throughout the years of playing Wizard101 and be thankful for all those who work so hard to bring Wizard101 to us players. The biggest shout out should be to them because without them there would be no Wizard101. Here is to many more years to come.  Who knows what will come next. 

To see more images of the past years, check out my photo albums at Wizard101 Central. So many fun memories throughout the years. I wish I could post them all in one blog post. Hope you enjoyed my memories of Wizard101.



My Brother and I with Wailing Wanda 2009

Family Fun 2010

Friday, August 19, 2016

Vacation--Plus more

Hello Wizards and Pirates. I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be gone from now until Sept 12, 2016 at the latest. The reason is, I'm moving and need to be settled in the new house. Sorry, I couldn't get in on the Arrrgust events for Pirate101   Plenty of things to do, check out those Pirate101 Fan Sites .

 Wizard101 Central
Wizards, if you haven't already checked out Wizard101 Central Birthday Celebration, you should. WOW!! 8 years.  Congrats Wizard101 Central you deserve it!

House - a - Palooza Wizard101
Wizards if you haven't been watching check out House - a - Palooza now, it ends August 21st 2016. Look in the crowned shop for newly added School Themed Furniture Packs! I thought it would be fun to show my favorite pieces from each set. Many things are interactive and so worth the 4500 crowns sale price 3995 or 22,500 gold. Did you know these items can be fished for?  Go to school house and fish. ( If not, you know now. ;)
 Balance School - What can I say, I love balance school; the Bath, Suspended Bed, Winged Chairs, Bathing Cistern and just look at that Hearth! The Hearth has to be my favorite item in this set, the scales move up and down to where the fire is on at.
 Death School - I see many wizards having fun with this set. The creepy and eerie feeling of these pieces will add a feeling of someone is watching you. ;) Come on now this Occupied Wing Chair has a ghoul that watches your every movement. See him peeking around the corner of that chair at me!  Take it from me check out this set ;)
Fire School - No other words can be said other than, It's HOT! Check out the boiling hot water in the sink and the Habachi. I see something cooking, who's ready for dinner? Oh and after dinner there's a hot tub to swim in. I have to say the minute I saw the hot water coming out of the sink I was hooked.
Ice School So you say its to hot this summer? Want to cool off? This is the pack for you. So many icy frozen pieces. I have to say the Hearth is my favorite that blue flame is perfectly done.  I tried to turn on the sink,  though I think the pipes were frozen.
 Life School -  WOW. That font is simply beautiful. I could sit in the settee and watch those butterflies all day.  Each piece of this set has that earthly feel. Simply love this set. I don't think there is anything in this set I don't like.
Myth School -  This pack is full; of pieces made for a Myth House. My favorite pieces are the Stone Sink and Wash Basin. Not sure I would look at that stone sink to long though. ;) So many items have special movements in these new packs. Take a look at the rugs and towel racks if you don't believe me.
Storm School -  This pack is everything I hoped it would be  from the swirling Typhoon Carpet to the storm sharks in the Aquascape Table. You can sleep on a cloud and bath in a storm, there's even fish in your mirror? Take a seat in one of the comfy chairs and take in all the steam given off  from the Steamy Hearth.  Thank you for reading and always remember , happy house decorating.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rogue's Gallery: Contessa Argento and Arrrgust is here!

Contessa Argemte is one of my newest favorite compainons. Check out her rouge gallery at Pirate101. Pirates if your looking for more watch Pirate101 Twitter or the message boards for new Arrrgust things happening every week! Who knows what the rest of the month will bring!