Friday, June 17, 2016

Guess The Furniture- Wizard101 Contest

Decorating month here at Paige's Page 
Guess The Furniture Piece
Can you guess all 25?

Simple as it sounds ? 
All you have to do is guess what that is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be 25 small images of  furniture items? Can you figure out what each item is?. 
* Make a list number 1-25 and try to figure out what each image is.  Please make sure you have the full item name.
* Send your list to  with the title  "Guess The Furniture".
* You must add your Wizards In game name Such as (Paige MoonShade) to your list.
* Contest runs from June 17, 2016 to June 26, 2016  4 pm Us Central time.
* Please ask all questions on this post

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

To be eligible to win a prize you will need to have at least 10 correct answers. Once a winning draw is determined, the remaining eligible entries will fall into the next category of prizes, for another chance of winning.

13 Winners!!
The top 15 eligible entries go into a random draw for first place prizes.
The next 25 eligible entries goes into a random draw for second place prizes.
The remaining eligible entries goes into a final random draw for third place prizes.

1st place 
1 Astral Unicorn mount + 10000 Crowns
2nd place 
1 Astral Unicorn mount + 5000 Crowns
3rd place 
5000 Crowns

Good Luck Wizards!!

Ready for your images?













I'm hungry , What's for dinner?


You would think I would be frozen, being sold from here.



Dragons could of broken me.

Practice makes perfect.






Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.

 To enter your game code:

* Enter your account information and click LOGIN

* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT


* Redeem your item(s) from the in-game gift window or look for rewards of Crowns to appear in your Crowns History on the website.

Maximum number of redemptions per code: 1
Maximum number of unique codes that can be redeemed per account from this promotion: 5
These codes expire August 2016.
If you encounter an problem redeeming your game code, please send an email to and include your code and Wizard101 account name, but never the password!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Creating Apple Trees - Wizard101

Trees in Wizard101 can become unique and fun set to your own style. I'm going to show you how this apple tree was created though you can do anything you want. I made blueberry bushes apple trees and even set a tree on fire. Yeah ,yeah I hear you saying What?! Ill post a image of it at the end of this post.
I complied a list of things that you will need to create this one tree
*One Tree,  preferably without leaves on it. The dead tree is a good one.
*Dewberries or what you want to make the tree out of.
*Flat platform from crowned shop 350 crowns or 1750 gold . A very large rug also works, just make sure you have room to work on it.
*Small rug, I like tatami mats you can also use the small blue trimmed rug.
*Something to give you height, you need to be in the tree.  I use  Castle block walls/ posts, you can use anything really.

Now take you mat or small rug , spin it over the platform until your platform starts to move. Never set you rug down on the platform , only spin it above it. I'm actually going to show you a video by Iridian Willowglen on this technique.  

Once you got the height you want to start at move over to the tree. You can walk on the board as your spinning it. It's okay, if you fall off and make a mistake you just port away, come back and start from where you left off. 

Now take your dewberries and start placing them. I follow the branches and make layers to give the tree the fullness it needs. You can make layers by lowering your board.  Just usee you marker (the post) to move up and down the tree. I hope you enjoy this segment. Happy house decorating.

Video By Iridian Willowglen

Fire tree, not completed, as you can see I'm still working on it.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Darkmoor Manor

June is decorating  month here at Paige's Page,  so let's start the month off with the introduction of the Darkmoor Manor. This Wizard101 house comes in the new Witch hunter's bundle at Gamestop.  You receive this amazing and dare I say spooky house with that Darkmoor feeling every wizard has been looking for. Just look at that bridge and view , spooky yet breathe taking.  I wont spoil the hidden secrets. This house is full of them! Including  special gifts everyday.
As we wonder into the house we find 2 large rooms ,secret passages, spiral staircase and the best organ I have seen. Check out that library! You can climb ladders go up ropes and find all the hidden areas of this house. I cant wait to see how everyone decorates this house. 
Check out this organ! Players can play the pre-added music or add their own. This pieces is fantastic feature for this house and adds to the feel if you ask me. There's also a spooky graveyard pvp ring.  Did I mention fishing? There's 2 new fish too!  I could go on and on about this house though I think it's time I start decorating. The last image is the start of my adventure in decorating this house.  Happy house decorating!
Anyone for a game of hang man?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Witch Hunter's Bundle Available at GameStop USA

The Witch Hunter's Bundle Includes 
Darkmoor Manor House
50% Speed Boost Midnight Rider Mount
Vampire Squirrel Pet
Witch Hunter's Gear
Witch Hunter's Arbalest
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

I cannot wait to get my decorating hands on this house. I have some very fun plans for it.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Wizards- May 2016

Balance 110 
I have been getting many players asking me is this your wizard?  Well I decided to show my wizards here. Each of my wizards have a energy look and a battle look, none of my wizards are below level 73, pretty much all  my gear is stitched in some form. So Left side is energy gear and right side is battle gear. I have both outfits I can always show and if all else fails I can grab my pet Boomer ( This should not be needed), I have a lot to go by. Hope this helps settle some questions I have been asked. If I change the looks I will update this post. All Paige MoonShade
Death 73

Ice 75
Life 73

Myth 83

Storm 73

Fire 110

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Introducing The Cheesiwitz Family from Wizard101

Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister

Let's meet the Cheesiwitz family, This family is from a remote corner of Marleybone and they come with a fun back story. These new pets are in the crowned shop or available to hatch. Check out the back story at Wizard101.  
NOTE: Brother and Sister Cheeziwitz are special pets that won’t produce themselves as a hatch result; however, hatching Papa and Mama together can sometimes result in a Sister or Brother pet.