Friday, October 31, 2014

Wizard101 Guest Poster-Michael Moonhunter

Hello I am Michael Moonhunter. a blogger for my own site and today i want to talk about all the different hHalloweenthings Wizard101 and pirate101 has to offer for this grand holiday. The first thing they usually do is bring us Halloween quests and spooky bob which sells things like our own version of the black cat and witch outfits. This is special due to the fact that they brought in fishing and a new event for us that is kinda of a spin off to a awesome tv show. With fishing they have added three more different types of fish and the different type of fish you can catch are only if you do not know already, which i pretty sure you knew. On to the box event which takes place in a time machine and has two new chars in it the professor and it seems to be his ccompanion who only sells mounts. I have only gotten the Ravenwood mount next year i hope to get the other one. This is barely the start of what Halloween is in the spiral. Lets move on to the pirate side, which has a new mask set which i have gotten from Paige(Ty). The new mask is a unicorn or a horse mask which i thought was really cool how it look and how it was designed i give a thumbs up. They also added a black cat unlike it's Wizard101 counter part this one is more cat in real life and less firecat. There will be more in the future and i hope to post about those as well but until then keep reading this site and have a wonderful Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wizard101 Exclusive Sneak Peek

Fansites got these exclusive sneak peeks! One of this awesome Boar Boss the other of this amazing temple. So what are you thoughts I'm just in awe over this temple!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wizard101 Guest Poster-Lucas Firedust

Sometime after the new Arcane Builders Bundle was released I was walking through the shopping district. I noticed a new NPC who sold housing block recopies. So I decided to give the new items a try and was astounded of all the possibilities that were possible with this. I immediately started experimenting with them at my Royal Playhouse home and found fun new ways to decorate, or even make completely new structures. 

One of the best places I found was on a little piece of land. Once I saw the area I knew I could do something cool with it. So I decided to make a study/garden nook for my wizard, and amazingly I did. It turned out even better than I expected. And the ways that I could furnish it was endless. I ran over to Krokotopia to get some fence and I went through my endless inventory of housing items to make the perfect place. After a few days I was finished. I put a Mooshu incense candle in the window, put so bookshelves and a desk in there, and even a nice tree to make the space seem even more natural. 

This comes to show that many things can be done by opening up your imagination and expirementing with different areas and plots. If you want the full houses though the Arcane Bundle is still available, this is just for the crafted pieces.

-Lucas Firedust

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pirate101 Update

My pirate  Merciful Misty  (level 13 Witchdoctor) and Two-Faced Anne (level 13 Privateer) make it to the Tradewinds last night. We started these Pirates awhile ago and just got back into them I think were doing an awesome job too all quests to the Tradewinds are completed , were even finished the first Ratbeard promotion. I have to say Anne is having a blast with the Doubloons!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mystic Fishing Bundle -Walmart

Coming to a Walmart near you Mystic Fishing Bundle!! This bundle is just what all you fishing wizards were asking for. Gear with stats that help with fishing . An firstmate otter pet that helps with fishing you can check out the wiki page here

Check out the double mount skiff rowboat, be careful not to fall off! There is also this housing item fishing retreat. You set it down in your house and click to go inside . You can fish for rare fish and the amazing rainbow unicorn fish!

All images credited to Destiny Wildheart Thank you for your patience  on letting me get them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Design Your Own Wizard Spooktacular Costume-Winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!!

2 Top Winners
1st Place Prize Pack:
One Random Pet (Zombie Piggle, Nightmare or Ghost Dragon)
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks 
10,000 Crowns
Michelle MoonCatcher
Cassandra UnicornDreamer 

5 Runner Ups
2nd Place Prize Pack:
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks
5,000 Crowns
Destiny StormFlower
Diana Rosestone
Jason Goldriver
Emily Wildhunter
10 Random Winners
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks
Katherine Nightsong


Maria Darkblood 
James DragonCatcher


Christina Rainbow

Esmee Rose

Hunter Frost

Marissa DragonTail

Samuel LegendHunter

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Harrowing Nightmare Pack!

The new Harrowing Halloween pack comes with special spooky looking gear. Guitar wands I finally found myself a set of clothes fit to be on my Death Wizard. I look just a tad crazy which is perfectly fit for my death wizard. Collect them all for a full set of Halloween mannequins in your haunted houses.
There's also a chance for this awesome Harrowed bones pet. He looks like the Bone companion from P101, for all you P101 fans! You can also win mounts with a added chance and the new wings mounts! Can you imagine these wings flying around your haunted houses? I can.