Thursday, May 29, 2014

Animals Found Around the Spiral

So I was running around finding furniture for my Spiral Museum and came across a chicken in Cool Ranch. This chicken was walking around flapping its wings , there were a couple different colors and seen one even sitting on a crate. I got to thinking now this would be great pet to have running around my ranch houses. I even found a skunk and a raven! What animals have you seen around the spiral? What do you think would be a great looking pet.

I know take a screenshot of one of the animals you find around spiral, one that you think would make a awesome pet. Send it to me Along with your Pirate name. and maybe I will post it right here on this post!!

Fair Christina Nightingale Discovers A New Frog Near The Rainbow 
Fred Leech found this little parrot, on parrot island near port regal.
Clumsy Calamity found this cute little snake found in Xol Akmul


  1. I can't get on the game to post a photo, but i would love a pet based on those tiny bears that walk around northguard. :)